Sheep Movements: Electronic Reporting

Electronic Movement Reporting System for Sheep, Goats and Deer

A new electronic movement reporting system was introduced on the 1st April 2014 by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).
Animal Reporting & Movement Service (ARAMS)

ARAMS involves 2 main parts. The first part is the South Western Bureau operation located in Milton Keynes. Here, staff process all paper movements onto the electronic database.
The second part is an electronic interface whereby movement information is automatically transferred into the system.

Once the ARAMS database has validated all of the necessary information, it’s transferred to the government database. This is called AMLS – the Animal Movement Licensing System.

Electronic Reporting: The Benefits

  • It is a modern, easy to use service.
  • It can be used to electronically confirm on-movements, rather than having to post off a paper copy to report the move.
  • A paper bureau service will be provided to farmers without access to the internet, or to those who choose not to e-report.
  • It will reduce costs for both the government and the industry.
  • Over the time, the database may come to be used to provide commercial services to benefit keepers. In this case, these developments will be industry-led.
  • It will allow for more accurate and efficient movement data, which will improve the government’s ability to track and trace animal moves in the case of a disease outbreak.
  • 70% of movements will be reported electronically within just a few months of the service commencing. Abattoirs, assembly centres, collection centres and markets will all e-report.
  • In some instances, paper copies of movement documents may not be required at all.
  • It can be used quickly to create movement documents rather than having to write them out by hand.

How do I report movements electronically?

First, you must register an account on the ARAMS website, It is possible to link multiple holding numbers (CPHs) to one user account. On the website, a step-by-step User Guide will be available to guide users through the web portals.

Animal Reporting and Movement Service

Through these online portals, you can track your off-farm movements, report movements onto your farm (this includes confirming receipt of moves set up on ARAMS), and you have the option of using the free electronic holding register.

Paper Movements

Farmers can report animal movements electronically if they wish. However, the option to report movements on paper is still available, if this is preferred.

Note: ARAMS-1 document will replace the current AML1 for all goat and sheep moveme

Pig movement licences

Whenever you move pigs between holdings, a Pig Movement Licence (AML2) must be completed – this includes movement involving the abattoir. If you take animals to slaughter or to market, a Food Chain Information (FCI) form must also be completed, declaring that the animals concerned are fit for human consumption.