Pig Breeds

British Lop
This pig is large, white and lop-eared. Possibly owing to its resemblance to modern “pink” pigs, this breed has become rather rare as it is unappealing to many traditional breeders.
Large Black
A lop-eared, large, black pig, the Large Black is sometimes referred to as the “elephant pig” as newborn piglets have straight tails and enormous ears.
Oxford Sandy and Black
The Oxford Sandy and Black is an old British breed which almost became extinct in 1985, although it is not recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. This pig is lop-eared, its coat ranging in
British Saddleback
This pig is black, but has a white band or saddle around its shoulders. A large, lop-eared breed.
Large White
British but not uncommon, the prick-eared Large White is large and white. This breed is originally from Yorkshire, and is often used in commercial pig-breeding as a terminal sire and a parent of sows.
The Hampshire is a black pig with prick ears and a white saddle, which was developed in the US from the British Wessex breed. Hampshires can now also be found in Britain.
Kune Kune
This is a small, friendly pig originating from New Zealand. The breed can come in any number of different leg lengths, ear placements and colours. They’re often kept as pets, but can also produce dark, high
An unusual breed from Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria, Mangalitza pigs have a unique, curly coat. This breed comes in three types – red, blonde and swallow bellied – and is known as the “
This is a Belgian pig which is white with piebald markings and prick ears. The breed is double-muscled, allowing it to produce great amounts of lean meat. Smallholders rarely use this breed, however, as it is
Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs
Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs are small, heavy pigs with a large belly and prick ears. They come in a variety of colours.
Originally from Sweden, the Landrace is white and lop-eared, most commonly used as foundation stock for hybrid gilts used in commercial breeding.
This is a red pig which originates from New Jersey and New York. It has small prick ears and a thick winter coat which moults in summer, making it unsuitable for outdoor systems. The breed is generally docile,
The Welsh is a white pig with lop ears, which is indigenous to Wales. The breed grew in popularity after World War II, when it came into use as breeding stock for commercial breeding.
A large, long-legged pig, the Tamworth has a fairly long ginger coat, prick ears and a long snout. Unlike many other breeds, this pig has not been altered through the addition of Neapolitan or Chinese blood,
Middle White
This small pig has a white coat, a short shout and prick-ears, with the overall appearance of a vampire bat. Lovely.
Gloucestershire Old Spot
The Gloucestershire Old Spot (or GOS) is a lop-eared pig which is white with black spots. Originating from Gloucestershire (as the name implies), this breed is known as the “orchard pig”, having been kept in orchards to graze and eat fallen apples. Folklore suggests that its spots are actually bruises from being hit by falling apples!
A fairly small, prick-eared pig, the Berkshire is black with white patches on its tail, face and feet. This breed is sometimes referred to as the “ladies’ pig” because of its easily handled size and temperament.